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This article shows how to set up a react app for localization using react-i18next and i18next. The information here is mostly taken from the react-i18next site at the Step By Step Guide and Using hooks with react-i18next. The complete code is available at

Starting from a base create-react-app setup (See Setting Up Nvm, Node.js And Create-React-App), first, install react-i18next and i18next:

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Part 4: Prepare VirtualMin to run websites


In this article I set up an AWS EC2 Instance from scratch to run VirtualMin, an open-source virtual server management tool. While Virtumin can be set up on an in-use server, it requires a lot of reconfiguration so it is simpler to set up a new server and proceed from there. At the end of this article we shall have a clean install of VirtualMin ready to accept new websites. This is part 4 where we prepare our Virtualmin setup to run websites.

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If you are using LetsEncrypt to secure a mailserver with multiple domains you will have found that all domains must send their mail from the server's domain rather than their own in order to use TLS. This occurs because postscript can only use a single domain for TLS/SSL.

In this post I will describe a method to centralize the TLS certificate in a way that allows each domain to use its own domain name for smtp.

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